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Soft Washing | What is Softwashing

SoftWashing!  What is Softwashing?

Four years ago as our technicians where taken an average of two hours to complete an average size house, this became a concern.  Even though we where receiving compliments from our customers, they had to be a better way.  Our pressure washing procedure was the norm through out the pressure washing industry.  So we began doing our home work to refine this process and found this will not be any easy assignment.  Since we provide a variety of services for home owners this helped in changing our thought process.  The first clew was carpet cleaning, and the final was pest control.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning pointed us in the right direction once we perfected this method.  Our carpet cleaning machines could operate at 3000 psi, but we never operated over 120 psi.  If we had bad stains we would pre treat those areas with a strong solution but we never changed the pressure on the carpet cleaning units.

This is what helped us realize that the chemical was doing all the work.  So we did a few test with plain water very little to no cleaning to carpet at same psi.  Even when we used expensive cleaners we realized the result some times didn’t very from the less expensive chemicals.  So we then started reading the labels to find the active ingredients.  This is what we found that mattered the most.

So we then began to the same process with our pressure washing procedure.  We already knew that bleach was the best but we double checked again and reconfirmed the bleach.  We then noticed the active ingredients in the store bought bleach (which we where also using) and noticed that it only was around 3 percent bleach.  That lead us to our commercial grade which is 12 percent.

Results from this was immediate our cleaning time was cut from 2 hour average down to 1 hour with even more positive responses from customers.


Pest Control

We did not stop with the carpet cleaning integration into pressure washing.  As we where testing for our commercial chemical applicator exam.  We began to notice this was what was missing in pressure washing.  Not blasting away mold, mildew and algae, but actually killing it.  Which is what we where doing by down streaming the  bleach at a higher percentage we where actually killing the organisms.  So just so happened one of our property managers needed 18 houses pressure washed.  This would usually take three pressure washer to complete within a day.  But I made a few modifications to our lawn spraying equipment.  I alone was able to complete these jobs in ten hours.  By being able to directly meter the amount of chemical applied, not being limited to our down-streaming restrictions.


Soft Washing

The birth of our soft washing process. after years of learning understanding checmicals and what chemicals do what.  We have created our process by Soft Washing Equipmentcombining the three industries of pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and pest control.

Our Definition of soft washing is the complete use of cleaning with out brute force.  The plain and simple of it is the chemical does all the cleaning


By: Chatham Property Maintenance