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Baled Slash Pine Straw (Regular)



The Baled Pine Straw can be used as ground cover and mulch, as well as an addition to your flower beds. This straw can help you create a healthy and attractive landscape while also providing erosion control.


  • Great when used as ground cover and mulch
  • Great addition to flower beds
  • Use to help create a beautiful landscape
  • Offers erosion control
  • Naturally biodegradable

Out of stock


We offer pine straw delivery throughout our coverage area.  We do not have a minimum order size for pine straw delivery.  Deliveries are usually made on Friday or Saturday.  Please review our pine straw installation and delivery policy.fresh-baled-pine-straw
For orders over 500 bales please call 912-988-3832 to place your orders   
Our pine straw is raked and baled fresh ever week.  We only bale our pine straw once we receive orders for it, this keeps the pine straw fresh.   

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