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Pine Straw Savannah GA – Baled Long Needle


Pine Straw Savannah GA 


Looking for quality long needle pine straw bales in Savannah and surrounding cities?  Our Baled Pine Straw can be used as ground cover and mulch, as well as an addition to your flower beds. This straw can help you create a healthy and attractive landscape while also providing erosion control.  Pine straw is also considered a very eco-friendly mulch product.




  • Great when used as ground cover and mulch
  • Great addition to flower beds
  • Use to help create a beautiful landscape
  • Offers erosion control
  • Naturally biodegradable



Pine Straw Savannah GA.  Review our pine straw installation policy [ez_btn color=”grey” url=”http://www.nationwidepropertymaintenance.com/blog/documentation/pine-straw-policy/” target=”_self”]Pine Straw Installation Policy[/ez_btn] 


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