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Irrigation Systems

Black handymanChatham Property Maintenance provides home irrigation design service throughout Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Rincon, Guyton, Port Wentworth, Beaufort and surrounding cities.  At Chatham Property Maintenance we also provide irrigation installations and repairs.  Installation of a sprinkler system is the first step to a lush green a beautiful lawn.  A properly installed irrigation system will cut your water cost with out taking away from your lawn with an underground irrigation system.

Chatham Property Maintenance uses Rainbird and Hunter irrigation parts.  Using these name brand irrigation parts also cuts the cost of future irrigation system repairs.  These brands of irrigation parts are common and readily available for repairs.

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Chatham Property Maintenance irrigation system designs. 


# Types of Irrigation Systems
1 Low Flow Irrigation System – micro spray, drip emitters, or drip lines
2 High Flow Irrigation System – fixed spray, rotor, impact, bubbler, and soaker hose


  • High Flow Systems
  • Low Flow Systems


  • Hunter Irrigation System
  • Rain Bird Irrigation System


  • Minimum service charge $120


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Why Choose Us

We at Chatham Property Maintenance understand that they are hundreds of irrigation companies in the Savannah area offering professional irrigation services. So we have created this web page about our irrigation services to provide you with information on irrigation systems. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing your irrigation installer .

We only use Rainbird and Hunter parts.

We use schedule 40 or higher pvc pipe which is also buried at least 1-2' below grade.

Irrigation System FAQ

Irrigation zones are used to control a group of irrigation heads that are designed to come on at the same time.  This allows you to properly water different types of landscapes at the proper water pressure.

No.  With your newly installed irrigation system you no longer need to turn the system on and off.  Your new system will be automated.

No.  This is one of the benefits of a properly designed irrigation system you no longer need to water for hours.  For most landscapes 15 minutes of watering is sufficient.

A properly installed irrigation system will last forever, of course your irrigation system will require maintenance and replacement of some parts throughout its lifetime.

We have seen some instances where the irrigation system pressure drops depending on what water is being used inside the home.  This is similar to trying to take a shower and wash clothes at the same time.

This is also a benifit of the automated irrigation system you can set it to come on during the times your water demand is low (ex. 4am.)

Paul Simon HOA President
I'm very happy with your services. Our irrigation system for our condo association had not worked properly for years. Thanks for getting it back operating properly
Andrew SmithPooler, GA.
Thanks for installing the additional irrigation zone for my backyard. Great work! I am loving it so far.


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