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Frequently Asked Questions

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NO - Unfortunately we are unable to price match, this is a practice of someone who really doesn't know what they are doing.
We provide you with the lowest price we can do the job for at the quality we will provide.

We have only been in business since 2009
This alone is a testament to our hard work. Almost everyone has been around for 15 plus years, at-least that is what they claim. Our achievements since we have been established shows our work ethics

No - At this time we are unable to offer payment plans
We are currently working on this and hopefully will offer them within the next year.

Yes - We are a small business locally owned and operated out of Savannah, GA.

Pressure Washing Questions

Yes - All chemicals even plain water if not used properly is harmful to plants.
This is why our technicians receive training on preventing plant damage. We have service over 10,000 properties without incident.

This depends on the material being cleaned we will make this decision onsite.
All of our machines are adapted to operate in either capacity.

Pressure washer operate upwards of 2000 psi ours 4200 psi. This would strip the granules from your roof shortening the roof life.
For this we use a totally different process. Pressure washer can not be adapted to clean roofs. Even when they are setup for soft washing

Other Questions

YES - Some customers we only provide pine straw, pressure washing, etc. Someone else may be providing the lawn maintenance

We are usually able to complete all jobs within 48 hours of receiving work order.

No - We do not believe this is not a good practice. We give you a price to do the job and that is your price.