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Sod Installation Richmond Hill

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Tired of trying to seed your lawn? – Get professionally installed sod we carry centipede/st. augustine/zoysia 

You have probably tried the grass seeds thinking they would be cheaper than sod.  This is a common mistake with homeowners.  Growing sod from grass seeds is a very hard and time consuming process.  Chatham Property Maintenance offers professional sod installation services throughout Savannah, Richmond Hill, Rincon, Guyton, Pooler and surrounding areas.  We have Centipede Sod, St. Augustine Sod and Zoysia Sod.  Our sod is sold and installed by the pallet call for pricing.

Why choose sod over grass seeds or grass plugs?  We believe sod is the better of the two options between grass seeds or sod.  Sod when installed produces instant results.  No need to wait for grass to grow from seeds.  As soon as we leave your property you will see the results.

Our online landscape supply store ordering system – Sod sold by the pallet.  You can order our three varieties of sod St. Augustine, Centipede and Zoysia online.  Our sod installation process is usually started within one week of your order.  The sod installation start times varies depending on workload.