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Chatham Property Maintenance is the preferred choice of any property that needs transformation results in a short amount of time. Our company performs commercial and residential preservation that change an eyesore into a diamond in the rough, and an average property into one that draws new interest.

Our company offers the complete array of preservation services that our clients need. This means accountability, seamless coordination, quality service, and better prices to get the job completed.

Chatham Property Maintenance is ready to restore beauty and value to countless properties needing a boost. We are proud to be the facilitators in the residential and commercial real estate market, turning foreclosures into new opportunities.

We are fortunate to serve some of the industry’s best and largest real estate servicing companies. We are currently working with banks (national and local), private investors, attorneys, insurance companies, leasing companies, credit unions, mortgage lenders, realtors, asset managers, HUD and Sheriff’s department. We’ll be happy to build a relationship with you and serve you as well.

Our company offers a full-service property preservation that can efficiently service your REO assets and vacant property needs. We are licensed and insured!


Preservation Service

*Trash Out Inside and Outside of the Property

*Debris Removal Inside and Outside of the Property

*Janitorial Service

*Property Inspections

*Property Monitoring


*Appliance Delivery

*Appliance Installation



*Free Estimates

*Before and After Digital Photos of Completed Work