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Backyard Landscaping Transformation

Backyard Landscaping Savannah

Sod Installation | Irrigation System Repair | Shadow Box Fence | Outdoor Shower | Plant Installation | Pine Straw Installation | French Drain

Click Here to see this Backyard Landscaping project after one year of growth.

For this backyard landscaping transformation project, we did a complete backyard landscaping.  Prior to the landscaping, the area was only usable by the client’s pets.  We started the project by preparing the landscaping site, which included removing existing chain link fence.  Once we removed the chain link fence our outdoor landscape transformation began.

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French Drain:

We installed a French Drain which ran from the shower around the front of the patio down by the dog run fence to the alley.  The French drain works to move water from unwanted areas where a ditch would not be feasible.  A properly installed french drain is not noticeable only the inlets and outlets.

Irrigation System Repair:

Our next phase of the project was the irrigation system repair.  The repairs included installing a new irrigation control box, two control valves and repositioning of sprinkler/irrigation heads.

  • Control Box (Timer/Controller}: Are the brains of the sprinkler/irrigation system this is what makes the system automated.  This is usually the only part that the client sees.
  • Control Valves (Valves):  Are the workhorses of the irrigation system they receive the signal from the control box which tells them to open the valves which release the water to the sprinkler/irrigation heads.
  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Heads: These spray the water, the most common types of irrigation heads are: Misters (Spray/Pop-up), Rotor, Impact, Drip.

View details about our irrigation system inspection services.

Fence Installation:

For this project, we used a shadow box style fence.  Which gives a high end look both sides of the fence has a finished look.  We also added a decorative detail to the top of this fence.  The fence also included a dog run, the dog run allows your pets to have a separate place in your backyard living space.

Outdoor Shower:

This was our first build of an outdoor shower.  The outdoor shower is a great concept, you don’t necessarily have to have a swimming pool to enjoy an outdoor shower.

Sod installation:

We installed St. Augustine sod our decision to use St. Augustine sod was due to a number of shade trees covering the back lawn.


Both new and existing plants were integrated into the landscape over 25 different plants were installed.  This landscape will look amazing next year once the plants mature.  View some of the landscaping plants used.

Pine Straw:

Long Needle/Leaf Pine Straw was installed at a depth of 4″ this will help prevent weed growth inside the plant beds. After initial installation of Pine Straw client can install a depth of 3″.

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