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Pine Straw the Eco Friendly Ground Cover

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Long Needle Pine Trees

When it comes to ground cover and mulch products they are many chooses to chose from.  We at Chatham Property Maintenance believes that Pine Straw is the most eco friendly mulch product available on the market.  This is also one of the reasons it is so affordable.  All other mulch products involve the destruction of trees, even if the mulch used is the waste product of the lumber industry a tree still needed to be cut down to produce that mulch.

Why is Pine Straw Eco Friendly?

With pine straw production the needles are harvested after they have fallen to the forest floor, the trees are never touched.  In most pine straw production harvesting the needles are done by hand, no heavy machinery.

  • Does not harm the trees
  • No Heavy Machinery
  • Eco Friendly


How you are helping the forest industry? By buying pine straw!

When you purchase a bale of Pine Straw you are increasing the demand for the needles, this interns keeps the pine trees from being cut for lumber.

Also Long Leaf Pine (Long Needle Pine Straw) is the best choice not just because of the benefits of it looking better, but if we create the demand we can restore part of our forests.  Below is an educational video from the University of North Carolina being from North Carolina I truly understand the benefits and the need to demand the Long Leaf Pine Needles.

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