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Landscape Borders

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rubber landscape border

They are many types of landscape borders to choose from.  Properly installed landscape borders can add to your property curb appeal, and improperly installed landscape border can take from your property curb appeal.  We offer affordable border installation and we assist our clients with the selection process to find the best border for their landscape and application.

Landscape borders serves many purposes, the most common purpose for landscape borders for most property owners is to prevent flower bedding from being washed into the lawn. We also believe this is a great purpose for landscape borders, but also believe these borders can add to the curb appeal.

With the many elements of landscapes we feel that it is a most that the landscape remain balanced. This prevents ANY one element of the landscape from over powering the rest. This is one of the reasons we do not like (Red Mulch) one of many.

natural landscape border

Natural Borders

  • Gives Natural Look
  • Keeps Grass Out of Beds
  • Inexpensive