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Irrigation Systems Savannah GA

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Connecting new irrigation zone to automatic timer

Irrigation systems Savannah Ga. 

Whether you need a complete irrigation system installation, single irrigation zone or sprinkler system repairs. Chatham Property Maintenance has you covered for irrigation systems Savannah, GA.  Chatham Property Maintenance provides sprinkler design and all other irrigation systems services to Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Rincon and Guyton areas of Georgia.  Chatham Property Maintenance offers both residential and commercial professionally installed irrigation systems.

Chatham Property Maintenance installed a high flow irrigation zone at a home located in Savannah.  This home front and side yards already had an irrigation system installed.  We only needed to design and install the irrigation system for the backyard and connect it to the already installed automatic sprinkler system timer.

Irrigation Systems Savannah, GA. Cost

Irrigation system cost varies.  We have a base price which helps our potential clients get a rough estimate of the cost of their irrigation system.  Give us a call for a free quote for your underground sprinkler systems 912-988-3832.

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Below is a photo gallery of the irrigation system installed in Savannah, GA.