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Hiring a Professional Pressure Washing Company

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Do you follow this process?  When Hiring Professional Pressure Washing Company.

When it’s time for business and homeowners to make the decision with hiring a professional pressure washing company.  In Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, and Rincon Georgia. It can be a very time-consuming task when hiring a professional pressure washing company, we have put together a few guidelines.

Factors to look at when hiring a professional pressure washing company 

Many factors and questions come to mind when it’s time to decide on hiring a professional pressure washing company to clean the exterior of your home or business. With the low cost of start up, you have many choices in the pressure washing industry. A start-up company can start a pressure washing business with less than $1,000 dollars. The pressure washing industry has no regulatory authority and the list goes on.

So how do you know what to look for when hiring a professional pressure washing company. The main thing is experienced pressure washer, followed by the pressure washers reputation, photos, and equipment. You must also remember that experience does not come with years. The misconception that experience comes with years is ramp-id in the service industry.

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What Separates Professional Pressure Cleaning Companies From others

Experience will be the first factor that we evaluate, this is the most beneficial when it comes to hiring a professional pressure washing company. This also helps gauge the level of professionalism of the company. Again a pressure washing company does not gain experience with years, but with actual experience working cleaning commercial and residential properties. For example, we have only been providing pressure washing services both residential and commercial to the Savannah area since 2009. This doesn’t mean we have less experience than someone who has been doing this for 20 years. In 2013 we cleaned over 2,000,000 sq ft 1400-1500 homes without incident or complaints, let us just say we have a few satisfied customers. On the other hand, someone who does pressure washing only as a part-time job may only do 10,000 sq ft. 5-10 homes per year.

The next factor is reputation, your reputation is everything when it comes to providing a consumer service such as pressure washing to a close-knit community such as the greater empire Savannah. You have many ways to judge reputation such as websites, facebookgoogle +twitteryoutube and so on just to start. If a person has a business that you can’t find on the web, you may want to think again before letting them blast away at your property. Another factor is how often do you see their vehicles out working? You can use your own judgment and tools when deciding this area.

The next is photos with today technology everyone has a smartphone. You can only blame yourself if you receive damage or a bad service from a pressure washing company. This is very simple for any company to achieve of course some companies have more before and after pressure washing photos than others. But every pressure washing company should have at least one. Even if they just started today they should be able to show you how they cleaned their own property.

The next is equipment, I know your thinking we will say they should have professional pressure washing equipment. Well, that is not the case, they should only know the capabilities of the power washing equipment and how to operate the equipment. We believe more damage can be caused by someone who is inexperienced using a professional pressure washer. Then someone with a consumer model pressure washer, as long as they use the proper chemicals they can actually clean your property effectively, not perfect but okay with just a plain water hose. We don’t recommend this due to the efficiency.

Damage that can be caused by not hiring a professional pressure washing company. 

We felt the need to release this informational guide not to bash anyone but to provide pressure washing information.

AFTER I DROVE BY A GROUP OF HOUSES WITH THIS TYPE OF DAMAGE caused by not hiring a professional pressure washing company.  Call Chatham Property  Maintenance, LLC and take the guess work out of hiring a professional pressure washing company.


hiring a professional pressure washing company

So let us help make your decision easy when it comes to hiring a professional pressure washing company.

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