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Foundation Repair

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Sagging Floors?  Let Chatham Property Maintenance get to the Foundation of the Problem 

Chatham Property Maintenance located in Savannah, Georgia provides Foundation Repair Solutions.  Savannah is known throughout the world for our historic homes.  Along with the historic homes of Savannah comes sagging floors, which can be repaired using one of our foundation repair methods.  Foundation repairs are expected for homes over 100 years old, but this is also common in homes just over 10 years old.

Savannah Foundation Repairs Solutions

Chatham Property Maintenance offers “COMPLETE” crawl space foundation, and structural repairs, along with foundation and floor leveling
services. Our Crawl Space Foundation and Structural Repair Services include;

  • Footing and pier column repairs or replacement
  • Floor joist, rim-joist, sill, and structural beam repairs or replacement
  • Foundation and floor leveling
  • Water and termite repairs
  • Crawl Space cleanup and vapor barrier installation
  • Heders
  • Beams
  • Ceiling and Floor Repairs

Below is one of our most common foundation repairs in Savannah and surrounding areas.  Foundation jacks are used as modern piers on floor joist or floor beams.

Chatham Property Maintenance provides foundation jacking in the below photos you will see details of our process.  We start with pouring a footing in which our foundation jack will rest.

Foundation jacks can be adjusted over time to compensate for additional settling.

One of the reasons we use foundation jacks is the ease of installation and the foundation jacks can also be adjusted over time.  The most common product we use is cinder blocks and shims with a properly poured concrete footing.

Looking for Foundation Repair Contractor in Savannah?

Let us a Chatham Property Maintenance help you with your crawl space repairs.  If you are looking for a quality contractor we are the company you are looking for. Since 2009 we have repaired numerous house foundations throughout Savannah.  Call or text 912-988-3832 or fill out our contact form here for free consultation.