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Pine Straw Policy

Chatham Property Maintenance offers the highest level of customer service and professionalism in the pine straw industry. We are a locally owned and operated family business located in Savannah, GA.  We provide two types of pine straw long needle pine straw and regular (slash) pine straw.  We offer delivery and installation services for Eastern Georgia and South Carolina.  For our customer’s convenience, we provide the following services: delivery, and installation. Call us for pricing at (912) 988-3832.


We take pride in our professional and friendly service crews. First the beds will be trenched (additional fee). This gives the ground cover bed a clearly defined border which lessens the possibility of erosion. Next, the crew will evenly distribute the straw to ensure maximum coverage per bale. Tucking the borders is the next step in the installation process. Tucking helps define a sharp border, reduces erosion and gives a professionally landscaped look to your beds. Blowing the area clean of any loose straw is the last part of the installation process and completes the beautification of your ground cover (pine straw installation).


Chatham Property Maintenance specializes in fast and efficient delivery to both residential and commercial locations throughout Georgia and South Carolina. We have a fleet of trucks that can accommodate loads of any amount. Our courteous delivery crews will unload and stack the bales for easy counting. We offer curb delivery (straw will be stacked within 10′ of where the trailer can park). We also offer plant bed delivery for an additional $1 per bale fee.  There is a $25 flat rate delivery fee and no minimum number of bails that we will deliver. There is also a fee for multiple drop off locations (delivery to more than 1 location).  Gated communities will have to pay the gate fee plus the $25 delivery fee.  Please call or order online 912-988-3832 to set up a delivery.

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Our policy is used to provide our clients with a fair price and exceptional service.  You know what you are getting before you spend your money.